Altea: a Jewel of the Costa Blanca

Spain is one of the most visited countries by tourists worldwide. There is so much to know, there is so much to see, there is so much to enjoy. In case you do not know this site, today we will give you a brief description of Altea, known as a jewel of the Costa Blanca and we assure you that you will want to run away to buy tickets to visit this wonderful place.

As a curious fact, the name Altea is derived from the Greek word Althaia, which literally means “I heal” or probably from the Arabic word aṭṭaláya from which the Spanish word watchtower is derived, which denotes a watchtower or the watchman who from ancient times he was in charge of announcing any news of who in the distance was coming on the way to the city. All this surely points to its location, being a coastal town and the need to monitor possible visitors who came from the sea.

Altea a jewel of the Costa BlancaGeographical position

Altea is a municipality in Spain in the province of Alicante, which belongs to the Valencian Community, in turn, it is located on the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula. It is located to the north of the Marina Baja region and has limits from the south to the northeast with the municipalities of Alfaz del Pi and La Nucía, Callosa de Ensarriá, Jalón, Benisa and Calpe; many of these belonging to Marina Alta. Altea has a land area of ​​34.43 km2.

It should be noted that this town, which currently has almost 24,000 inhabitants, has the Sierra de Bernia to the north, which is in charge of marking the natural border between Marina Alta and Marina Baja. Precisely, the Greenwich Meridian passes through the territory of Altea.

Previously, it was a fishing and farming town. Its strategic location, being a coast of the imposing Mediterranean Sea, allowed it to host Iberians, Romans and Muslims throughout its history. Today it is better known for its tourist activity, especially in its majestic beaches. Altea has approximately 8 kilometers of quiet coastline, since its bay is made up of Morro de Toix to the north and the Serra Gelada park to the south.

Weather and seasons

There are several details to take into account when talking about the climate of this coastal municipality. First, it is important to note that it is a warm and temperate semi-arid climate, all this due to the sea breeze from the Mediterranean that hides the heat. There are approximately 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and 494mm of average rainfall in the same time period.

The temperature is very varied throughout the year, ranging from 9 ° C to 28 ° C, and can sometimes drop to 5 ° C and reach 31 ° C. It is important to note that the summers in this town are hot, dry and mostly clear, ideal for tourism; while winters are long, cloudy, and cool. The space from the end of July to the beginning of September is considered the ideal for tourist activity.


Altea, not in vain is called the Jewel of the Costa Blanca, that is, that is how the Mediterranean coast of the Province of Alicante is known, which covers approximately 244 km. One of many reasons is its architecture. Altea, practically, is a place of vacation rest and is home to many retirees.

Small whitewashed houses stand out in this urban landscape. The old town of Altea is made up of many squares, alleys, doors and windows. The Plaza de la Iglesia is known for the structure of the Church of Our Lady of Consuelo, it is a true emblem of the town, known for its two blue-tiled domes.

If there is something that stands out in each building, it is the white color, even in the streets. On the walls of several houses you will notice artistic details of polychrome tiles and there are also many doors decorated in different colors. Shops, restaurants and even street markets stand out on the streets of Altea.

It should be noted that Altea has two ports, the fishing and the Nautical Club, and another special place for tourists is the promenade, which runs from the port to the town with the characteristic shops and restaurants. Other sites of interest that we can mention are:

- The Torre de la Galera. - The Torre de Bellaguarda. - The Old Town. - The Carmelitas Descalzas Monastery church. - Orthodox Church of Altea. - Navarro Ramón Museum. - Museum Casal del Festero.


Altea is a town with several very outstanding cultural aspects, not in vain it was designated as Valencian Cultural Capital for the period 2019-2020. The previous year, when his candidacy was presented, more than 300 cultural activities were presented in the Mediterranean town.

But when talking about culture, in this case, we have to emphasize that Altea is full of both public and private Art Galleries. One of these well-known sites is the Palau Altea, which is an afor

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