Diving and Snorkeling on the Costa Blanca

In the southeast of Spain, the Mediterranean coast that with its beautiful blue bathes the town of Alicante, is called Costa Blanca, there are countless fun activities that can be carried out both individually and as a family, some of them or, at least, the one that stands out the most is diving, next, we will show you the most privileged places to do them.

Divingis a wonderful activity to know everything that is in the depth of the sea, you can do it in lakes, rivers or a quarry and it is a very enriching experience if you are one of those who love to discover new lives and, above all, spend time in nature. Snorkeling, on the other hand, is that device that is used to get the air from the environment to the person who is submerged diving, is one of the basic tools for this entertaining activity. In Costa Blanca you can dive with pleasure, the places to do it we will list.

Why Costa Blanca?

Costa Blanca is that destination that thousands of tourists crave and plan to go for all the virtues that characterize it, which is why snorkeling on its approximately 170 beaches is incredible. Above all, the north side is the most privileged for this activity, the beaches of Costa Blanca have an ideal temperature throughout the year, its lowest temperature is 12 degrees at sea.

Its beaches have a calm sea, with little current and the sand is special in each of them to spend a good day. In addition, marine life is abundant and diverse, which greatly enriches the diving activity since people are interested in discovering new species, it is common to see seahorses, small octopuses, rays, crabs and moray eels.

Places to dive on the Costa Blanca

As we have already mentioned, the beaches here stand out, their seas, their sand, their climate, all conspire so that diving is one of those activities that you must plan if you travel to Spain, specifically in Alicante. Some of the highlights are:

1. Calpe

One of the municipalities on the Mediterranean coast, famous for its beaches and its ecological routes that enchant more than one tourist and you will not be the exception, Calpe is wide, however, diving stands out in these two coves: Cala el Racó and Cala del Penyal.

El Racó cove is located at the foot of the Peñón de Ifach, it is a closed gravel cove and its greatest attraction for snorkeling is the Princess of Asturias ecological walk, in addition, its great unique advantages since, in high season, this cove offers a marked underwater trail for diving with directions and certain information on animal species that you can expand in other venues, What do you think of this great help? Dare to practice diving in Alicante!

The penyal cove is a small cove of 100 meters in length, also located at the foot of the Peñón de Ifach, has a rocky platform and crystal clear and calm waters, ideal for snorkeling, in addition, thanks to its rock formations and the depth of 4 or 5 meters that it has, there are favorable places to find many species of fish and octopus, lots to see and enjoy with all your diving equipment.

2. Dénia

Dénia is a port city that is in the Mediterranean of Spain, it is another of the perfect places for snorkeling, a very famous cove for that reason is the so-called Les Rotes cove, located in the southeast of Denia, a little beyond Punta Negra. It is a calm and crystal clear sea, ready to do a diving training with all the required equipment, ideal to see new species and to enjoy the sea in all its splendor.

3. Javea

Jávea is a municipality located in Alicante, in the region of Marina Alta to be more specific and is a perfect place to vacation, spend unforgettable moments and snorkel with your whole family. In the parador de Jávea, just behind the hotel there is a good place with instructors and everything so that in addition to diving, you learn to use the equipment and train in this fun activity.

Jávea, in addition, is surrounded by beautiful valleys, gardens with a lot of nature which makes it attractive and beautiful for tourists. Another interesting fact in this area is that the Marine Nature Reserve of Cape San Antonio will offer you everything related to underwater sports, among which of course, diving is one of them, this beautiful center has snorkeling schools, designed for people to go and discover the depths of the ocean with all the experience and diving equipment required.

The cove of Dins is another paradise in Jávea to practice this underwater activity. The cove is just south of this municipality, just before starting the mountainous area. It is a cove of diversity, there are rocks, deep spaces, animals and much more, so it is perfect for diving, the rock formations are very varied which gives rise to new species that live there, the depths of the sea vary which makes the walk entertaining and adds complexity to those who practice it, a good incentive to keep doing it, don't you think?

4. The island of Portixol

This island is a very important nature reserve in this underwater activity, in addition, an attraction of this area is that it is very accessible, you can park the vehicle and go down some stairs to reach it. It is full of many birds and, also, the amount of marine species is impressive, tourists go with all their diving equipment to witness the schools of fish that coexist there with the rock formations, the bottom that is rocky also has a habitat full of sea grass which gives rise to you to see with your snorkel eels, hangers and damsels.

We have culminated with a lot of information about what the Costa Blanca can offer you, there are certainly more places of interest to practice diving, but these are the main ones. Have fun as a family and remember to bring all your equipment before diving in.

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