How much money do you need to spend old age in Spain?

Thinking of moving to Spain and starting a new life there? His wish is shared by more than 5.5 million foreigners who settled there. This is almost 12% of the country's total population. Among the visitors there are most of the British, but, despite this, Spain welcomes residents of several countries. Many of them come here already retired and settle on the Western Costa del Sol to enjoy the almost perfect climate and measured life, without the stress for which these lands are famous. Crisis that is at hand

In 2008, Spain, like everyone else, suffered a financial crisis. Before him, she was one of the five countries in Europe with the strongest economies, and after that she lost her position strongly. There were fewer jobs, real estate prices fell, and many citizens, both local and foreign, began to leave the country, where it is difficult to find work or keep the business afloat.

But those who are retired don't need work. You cut yours and want to meet old age in a comfortable and cheerful place. Spain fits the description perfectly, but before you think about it, make sure that the size of your pension and savings allows you to live here. If you live modestly, Spain will cost $ 20,000 or 1.2 million rubles a year. If we talk about a comfortable pension, it will require $ 25,000 or 1.5 million rubles a year.

Time to count

Everyone who wants to know about old age in Spain is more concerned about two problems: rent and medical care.

Take the picturesque tourist town of Marbella, on the aforementioned Costa del Sol Oxident. Marbella is not the cheapest place: a local odnushka will cost $700 per month. And this is not yet the center of the city: there they will ask for all the $ 793 for accommodation. If you want to save money, you can rent a house more easily: it will cost $214 outside the city center and $323 inside. As for medical care, with Spanish citizenship it can be treated in public hospitals. Let them be famous for their quality, most foreigners prefer private medical insurance for them, so they wait less in lines, especially when they need an ordinary and non-urgent doctor visit.

Spain is full of companies that are willing to take out medical insurance for foreigners. It is difficult to name the average price of such a service, but, according to observations, it will be cheaper than in other countries with a high standard of living. Take the same United States: One pensioner, 74, said he pays $230 (14,170 rubles) per month for full service. According to him, prescription drugs cost two-thirds less than in the United States.

Don't forget about taxes.

In Spain, all foreigners pay income taxes: the exception is people with modest incomes. In the country, privileges are granted to those who are insured, for example, the same tax deduction. You can use it if you live in Spain for more than six months a year and earn about $24,000 (1.5 million rubles), or you get more than $1,100 (67,000 rubles) of rent or $1,700 of savings. Moreover, deductions even work to earn income from abroad!

Especially wealthy foreigners will be interested in the "golden visa". This is a program that simplifies obtaining a residence permit for those who spend more than $ 582,571 on real estate, which is equivalent to about 35.8 million rubles.

On a budget

The coast of the Costa del Sol Oxident is especially popular with foreigners, which makes this place expensive. Take a little north, at least the Costa Blanca itself, and you'll get a more affordable option.

If you are indifferent to the beaches and do not need to have one of them "at hand", then you may be more interested in cities with a rich history and affordable accommodation: Seville, Granada, Coboda and others. Spain is full of such budget places, but don't expect Mandrid and Berselona to be on their list. Still, these are extremely expensive megacities.

In the end

The current economic recession we talked about at the beginning is good news for those who want to retire in Spain. Thanks to this, you can live comfortably on the Costa del Sol Oxident, spending from $ 20,000 to $ 25,000 per year (from 1.2 million to 1.5 million rubles).

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