How much money does a Norwegian need to live on the Costa Blanca?

The Costa Blanca, a place full of magic, of charm, where every year thousands of tourists decide to visit their lands and contemplate all the beaches that lie there, in addition, it is the home of many foreigners who decide to start a new life in this place of Spain.

The social environment, the good climate and a stable economy allow travelers to take root in this town that, in addition to having many virtues, has an interesting cultural mix, countries such as Holland and Norway have been involved in this, since many people from them have decided to emigrate to Spain having the doors fully open and that is the case of the Costa Blanca.

Today we will help you see how a Norwegian can live comfortably on the Costa Blanca. Can you live well in this place being a foreigner? Is it possible not to be Spanish and get a comfortable life on the Costa Blanca? Dare to discover more about this topic.

A piece of Norway on the Costa Blanca

Norway is a country full of green areas, mountains and deep glaciers, however, there are a large number of people from this country on the Costa Blanca and the wonderful coves that run through these areas of Spain make any tourist fall in love and make him want to live there.

In a small town on the coast of Alicante where more than 500 Norwegians reside, this is called Alfaz del Pi, a municipality located in the marina baja region, very close to cities such as Altea and Benidorm. It is very likely that these foreigners have fallen in love with this place because of the perfect location it has, the warmth of the people who reside there and the always sunny climate, moreover, Alfaz del Pi is the second colony of Norwegians, because the first is in New York.

Alfaz del Pi has many residences, apartments and luxury villas that, in addition to having great architecture and many amenities inside, is also a sign of the Norwegian effort that has left its mark for many years. Some houses are located near the Norwegian school, a point in favor that tells us about the perfect adaptation that this community on the Costa Blanca has had.

Knowing this, we can affirm that a Norwegian can live comfortably on the Costa Blanca, in fact, the Spaniards themselves certify that the Norwegians on the Costa Blanca are a good for society, they have known how to build a municipality to help others, they have taken root in customs and have taught a little of their land to everyone around them.

Salary of a Norwegian on the Costa Blanca

Spain is a country of possibilities and foreigners do not escape this reality, such is the case of Norwegians who, even if they are pensioners, can live in luxury villas with only their monthly salary. It is estimated that a Norwegian pensioner receives between 3,000 and 5,000 euros per month in Spain, enough to have a savings fund and invest in the Costa Blanca, a place full of quiet, familiar towns, with good weather and thousands of beaches to enjoy a good sunrise. 

There are many localities to choose from in Costa Blanca, for example, Denia has tourist attractions, historical places and beautiful beaches, shops have spread and restaurants are exquisite; Orba, despite being a small town, is a very attractive area to live, has everything related to gastronomy and health, and Jalón, is a plain where landscaping stands out, the aroma of pine falls in love with its residents and like these, many other localities that Norwegians know very well and have known how to invest in them.

Let's talk about paradises

If we could frame all the towns of Spain in paradises, we would, but it is necessary to highlight two of them: The first is Benidorm, located on the east coast of Spain, a coastal resort that occupies the first places in the destinations to visit, especially in a good summer vacation.

Benidorm stands out for its nightlife, its nightclubs,its comfortable hotels that you can get for € 200, not counting the beautiful apartments next to the beach from € 245,000. With these figures it is easy to understand why Norwegians on the Costa Blanca can get paradisiacal places in Benidorm to reside for a lifetime.

The second to name is Altea, the famous municipality of Alicante, home of the Sierra de Bernia and the Mirador Cronistas de España. Altea, has a natural charm, its beaches are warm and the warmth of its people is noticeable. You can get a beautiful luxury villa in just € 200,000, inaddition, the paradisiacal places in Altea fall in love with anyone, you can go from a cove to an old town and we assure you that everything will surprise you.

Now, knowing the prices that are in these outstanding places of the Costa Blanca, it is necessary to take accounts and understand that a marriage of Norwegians, even being pensioners, can earn monthly 10,000 euros, enough to achieve a dream life, taking into account a good administration of the goods, so we can say that the Costa Blanca is not only full of beaches, of incredible places and good restaurants, but it also has economically achievable properties for any foreigner, such as a Norwegian pensioner.

Undoubtedly, this earthly paradise called the Costa Blanca is an ideal place for tourism and for retired foreigners who decide to retire to live their last years and enjoy the product of the effort of so many years of work. The Costa Blanca will continue to be among the first options for foreign tourists such as Norwegians who have already made life in Spain and who, without a doubt, have already planned their retirement and want to invest in places like this.

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