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The Costa Blanca, A place to live the Golden Years

Spain is one of the most visited countries by tourists worldwide and we could ask ourselves why? The truth is that there are a variety of places that can easily answer that question, but the province of Alicante is one of those that stands out among the best reasons, not only for a sporadic stay of some tourists, but it has become a retirement place for retired professionals . In Alicante you will find th...

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The 5 best houses for sale in Altea November 2021

  The 5 best houses for sale in Altea November 2021 Altea, the town in Spain that par excellence has fallen in love with thousands of people for its culture, its good food, its colorful streets and, without a doubt, its beautiful houses that are valued more every day and among the market are already one of the first options. Buying in Altea will allow you to be close to everything that is considered char...

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All Saints' Day in Altea

Altea, a city full of diversity, good food, special people, beautiful places, with the taste and smell of the sea, but, above all, with culture. Its streets reflect culture in every step you take, you feel the culture and part of it in the celebration of Saints' Day . Join us for a tour of those cobbled corridors that represent Altea in the midst of the celebration of this exciting and festive day.

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Altea: a Jewel of the Costa Blanca

Spain is one of the most visited countries by tourists worldwide. There is so much to know, there is so much to see, there is so much to enjoy. In case you do not know this site, today we will give you a brief description of Altea, known as a jewel of the Costa Blanca and we assure you that you will want to run away to buy tickets to visit this wonderful place. As a curious fact, the name Altea is derived from the Greek word Althaia, which literally means “I heal&...

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