Sports to practice in Benidorm

Benidorm is a famous town on the Costa Blanca,belonging to the municipality of Alicante, is located in the east of Spain and has a strategic location on the Mediterranean coast and for this and many other reasons is a favorite destination for many tourists.

The Costa Blanca does not stop impressing us and this time we are going to describe some sports activities that you can practice in Benidorm, so do not forget to pay attention and if you love sports and training outdoors and surrounded by wonderful landscapes, this will interest you and will be one more reason for you to visit this fabulous Spanish city.

Cycling routes

Cycling is a sport that is frequently practiced in Benidorm, the ideal climate and other favorable aspects such as the terrain, the beach and the mountain lend themselves so that lovers of this activity can practice it in this area.

There are several subdisciplines or modalities of this sport discipline, one of them is road cycling. This place lends itself to many teams of cyclists to practice and even do it during the winter to be in optimal condition when the season begins. Road cycling in Benidorm is carried out on routes along the coast and also executing the tests of La Volta a la Marina, the stages of the Vuelta a la Comunidad Valenciana and stages of the Vuelta a España.

Some routes are difficult and others moderate, some reach 70 km and others amount to 123 km. Another of the modalities is mountain biking and it is noteworthy that Marina Baja is the perfect space to practice it, many lovers of this sport visit with frequent the Serra Gelada, Sierra Cortina and others where this modality is taken to an extreme level.

The best known routes are Benidorm-Serra Gelada-Faro Albir-Benidorm, although it is easier to travel than the others and lasts approximately 4 and a half hours. Another well-known is benidorm-Casa Dios-Benidorm with a moderate difficulty and with an approximate duration of 5 hours 45 minutes. Finally, we have the benidorm-Puig Campana-Benidorm route of a duration of 4 hours and 15 minutes and being very difficult to travel.

The last modality is family cycling, which is a way to share with your family and travel shorter distances and some ideal even for the little ones. Among these routes is the coast of Benidorm,which is easy and covers a distance of 12.52 km where you can travel along the beaches of Benidorm, Poniente and Levante with some stops in the Old Town and its Mirador.

Another route is that of L'Albir-Benidorm with a distance of 8.35 km and also easy to travel. The last is the Benidorm-Punta del Cavall route, this is also easy to travel and goes from the sea to the mountain, covering a distance of 4.42 km. Without a doubt, you will see beautiful landscapes, exercise and enjoy as a family.

Other sports to practice

There are a whole series of activities that you can do in Benidorm, among them you can practice paragliding, paintball, climbing, high ropes and other sports such as beach volleyball, football, handball, Valencian ball, volleyball, basketball, athletics, squash and tennis. However, there are other disciplines that must be detailed, since some are out of the ordinary and others are typical of an area as privileged as the Costa Blanca.

Diving and Snorkeling

This activity is characteristic of this area, before it was more difficult and less safe, but with the advances of sports technology and security measures it has become a safe activity for anyone who wants to practice it in these Mediterranean waters. Benidorm has multiple options in terms of water activities, as you read it, there are snorkeling and diving routes,as well as wonderful seabeds that must be discovered and observed.

There are many routes, one of them and one of the best known is that of the Island of Benidorm,which has a distance ofapproximately 2 miles from the port to the island, full of extraordinary seabed. On the island there is a restaurant where you can taste delicious dishes and then get ready to travel the underwater route. You can tour the southern part of the island where you can start until you see a stone arch, that is the point of return and on the route there are all kinds of fish, crustaceans, algae, in short, a marine spectacle.


You can combine the sea and the mountains easily in Benidorm, in its more than 5,600 hectares and with cliffs 300 meters high. The ideal place to practice this sport is the Sierra Helada National Park that is located behind the Mediterranean Sea and has multiple routes where the landscapes are wonderful and, in addition, you can know a great variety of flora, fauna and beautiful coves.

On these routes you can visit the Albir Lighthouse, as well as the Punta del Cavall and if you decide to make the Serra Gelada route that lasts approximately 4 hours and a distance of 8 km, your hiking experience will take it to an extreme level.

Water sports

We already mentioned diving, scuba diving and snorkeling, however, Benidorm honoring its characteristic of a seaside resort city also offers a world of possibilities in terms of nautical activities, namely: kite surfing, kayaking, sailing, paragliding, cable skiing, water skiing, mono ski and wakeboard. All these disciplines are practiced in places like Levante Beach from Easter to October.

Another very fun activity is to take boat trips from the port to the Island of Benidorm. Practically, the boats leave every day if the weather is favorable, only the route to reach the island lasts 20 minutes, but the experience is unique since the boat has underwater vision to appreciate the beauties of the flora and fauna present in those seascapes.

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