The 5 best houses for sale in Altea November 2021


The 5 best houses for sale in Altea November 2021

Altea, the town in Spain that par excellence has fallen in love with thousands of people for its culture, its good food, its colorful streets and, without a doubt, its beautiful houses that are valued more every day and among the market are already one of the first options. Buying in Altea will allow you to be close to everything that is considered charming in this town, you will be full of good restaurants and the characteristic aroma of the sea that fascinates tourists so much. We will show you today the five best houses for sale in Altea in this month of November that is just beginning. 

Before starting, we would like that in our lines you can find a small tour of this town, so we can fall in love before showing you the constructions and home beauties that you can get here. Altea is a municipality in the province of Alicante, in the Valencian community, Spain.

It is found, specifically, in the region of the Marina Baja; It is one of the communities most visited by tourists and one of those places that Spaniards sigh for, since it is a beauty. It represents all nature at its best, the most varied and detailed gastronomy in the country and, above all, the most pleasant social warmth in the province, in a few words going to Altea is going to a heavenly place.

The reasons to live in Altea are many, the amount of activities that you can do as a family are great, from going to the beach or going on a yacht to climbing activities, the houses are spacious and with a spectacular view, so, yes you like to wake up in a good mood, this is the place! The food is always divine, the best chefs are in Altea, that's what people say when they walk through its streets and taste the dishes. So if you are one of those who likes to eat as a family, Altea is the right place! Altea is a dream! Go ahead and buy a house in Altea now, we will show you the best options.

Houses in golf club area

Between the sea and the mountains, between culture and diverse gastronomy, Altea has a spectacular and wonderful area to reside, the best place in Costa Blanca, without a doubt, is the golf club area. Golf is a fine sport, creative and very beneficial for physical and social well-being, therefore, staying here will allow you to enroll your little ones in many gaming activities, visit places of interest and, above all, enjoy a view you don't need glasses.

The houses in this area are characterized by their elegance, their summer design that has a very original brand and, above all, how beautiful it is to live close to sports culture. It is an area full of many things that you are going to enjoy and, in it, we recommend this beautiful home that will captivate your dreams. Once you see it you will want to move so we are not responsible for the reactions you may have, what we can do is help you fulfill that dream. 

This house is, without a doubt, a place to stay a lifetime, to grow old with that special person and to raise children if you decide to be a dad, it is a beautiful home to create unique moments that, on your calendar, will Thursdays will be a perfect TBT. Located on the first line of the field, with three bedrooms, a large swimming pool and a large office space, what are you waiting for to know it?

Alfaz del Pi

A town located in the south-eastern area of ​​the Marina Baja region, surrounded by beaches and natural parks, becomes an excellent place to live. If you want to be part of the Altea community, there is no other area to look for, this may be your first option and believe us you will be delighted. Aging with that view, with that aroma that is characteristic of nature, with green streets and much more.

The beautiful house that we are going to show you has everything you might need if you are part of a large family and if you have a small family too, because comfort is priceless, therefore, welcome it to your next home if you decide so. . Take a look and fall in love with its pretty walls and well-appointed spaces. 

It is very close to the Norwegian school, a plus point that you should consider. With 198 square meters, it will offer you a beautiful space with two bedrooms, two floors, bathrooms, a pool and even a private individual terrace so that you can enjoy a unique time alone or with your family, isn't it a good option?


Another province of Alicante, a dream place with a mountainous environment and very beautiful outdoor spaces, has a pleasant population and houses that are really doll-like due to the meticulous organization they have in their rooms and others. Today we will show you a luxury property in this area and for you to discover how beautiful it is to live in Altea, Finestrat may be that beginning you were waiting for to decide.

An open apartment , with luxurious views of both the sea and the mountains, is divine in its floors, its decoration is incredible and with the advantage that, in addition, the urbanization where it is located is safe, with a surveillance system and much more because living well is also part of living safe. With a large space of 158 square meters, two bathrooms and one of them type suite, large bedrooms, a terrace with a wonderful view where you can see the community pool and more. Equipped kitchen, because the kitchen is a fundamental point to fall in love with the future owners of this house that we hope will be you and your beautiful family. 

If you ask us for an extra point, calm down, we have it for you, a large parking lot so that you are very happy knowing that if you buy a home here your car will be close and safe.

Living in Polop

Polop, a municipality that keeps a lot of culture, many stories immersed in its streets, a lot of creativity, a lot of love and much more. In Polop there is a fabulous house that we cannot stop showing you, it is, without a doubt, an option that you should consider. Polop is one of those communities that you visit and do not want to leave, it is one of those places that transmit positive emotions, those that the aroma haunts you and even nature attests to that. 

This time we want to show you a spectacular house, so we affirm it because it deserves our attention, equipped with everything, ready for you and your family to live, coexist and create moments that will be unrepeatable in their days, take advantage of the fact that time advances and does not return.

The house is so majestic that words will not do justice to such grandeur, the villa has a direct view of the pool, steps that you feel like the stairway to heaven, a roof aesthetically suitable for painting, and a home style. wants. It is a family space because it is close to playgrounds, as well as a beautiful terrace that you can use to see everything you have around your home.

A curious fact about this place or rather a positive fact, an extra, is that outside the property there is enough space to park the car and it is safe because the surveillance is active in this place, what better way to start living an adventure that observing in detail the best houses in this season?

Close to the golf course

We are going to award the last position to another villa in Altea , it is the last not because it is less important but because we want you to see a wonderful, beautiful and ready option for this process before finishing. The characteristic smell of this house is of nature mixed with cleanliness and beauty.

The proximity to the golf course calls a lot, in fact, it is one of the main objectives of Altea, that you know its culture that floods the streets especially at Christmas. The date is approaching and, if you were planning to spend Christmas Eve with your family, join this moment by buying a beautiful home according to your needs. 

With the mixture of two environments, beach and mountain and with a sport that makes history, gives life and much more. Located on a 1,425 square meter plot, this house or rather villa, was built with 250 square meters. It has several floors where you will find super spacious bedrooms and bathrooms. In the outskirts, it has a beautiful garden so that you can have fun watering the plants and harvesting new species of them, in addition, it is ideal if you have pets.

An extra point is that the parking lot and the garage will be at your disposal, with an easy access control because we love to see you happy and comfortable, you can leave your car all night and it will dawn in the same conditions. Now, we are speechless, you must live in Altea.

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