The best sunsets in Alicante

Alicante, a town full of magic, good food, kindness and you can not miss a good sunset, those that fill our eyes with tears because seeing that majesty while we breathe in Alicante can only describe one word: gratitude. Today we are going to list five perfect places to appreciate the sunset here in Alicante, follow us on our list.

Cala Cantalar

Full of many attractions, this cove is one of the three coves of Cabo de las Huertas which is located between Alicante and San Juan, so if you decide to come to this charming town, do not forget to visit it. This place is ideal for those who are lovers of the sunset,because the place promises an incredible view that will not only allow you to witness this natural fact, but also take home a beautiful memory full of emotions and photographs.

Top our list as it is a very quiet residence, the cove is small but its width is enough to achieve the goal of good view and, from there a good sunset with your loved ones will be an unforgettable moment. This cove is a few meters from what is known as "Camino al faro" and for many tourists and natives, this cove is the first choice to watch a sunset in Alicante.

The Cantalar cove, has 100 meters in length, that is, nature is left over in this place, it is one of those places where ecologists enjoy, families have a good time and children play and enjoy a good sun.

Montañeta de Bol Nou

The beach of Bol Nou, in addition to having many qualities, is one of the best beaches in Alicante, there it is common to see children and entire families enjoying that climate that only this town offers, in addition, this beach has a Montañeta that is ideal to see the sunset, this natural attraction is so striking, what better way to see it than climbing a few rocks for it.

Alicante is, without a doubt, one of the towns in Spain that has the complete package to go on an unforgettable holiday, sand, sun, beach, rocks, good view, good weather, all that will accompany you if you just decide to visit it and take into account each position on this list.

Bol Nou, a place full of emotions, dreams, nature that surrounds it and a good view, enough qualities to be at number two on our great list and that, in addition, is an entertainment option for the family, what do you say? Will you come to the Montañeta del Bol Nou?

Ereta Park

Located, precisely, in the Historic Center of Alicante, this park is the third on our list because it has trails, landscapes, walls and stairs that you must climb easily to let yourself be admired when watching the sunset. It is a charming place, so we are going to qualify it because daily families come to this site thanks to its great view, this makes it a place of rest, meeting with nature, recreation and games, here you can easily play dominoes.

The view allows you to see almost the entire city of Alicante, starting with the Barrio de Santa Cruz and being able to witness many other qualities, from there it is easy to detect the icon of Alicante, the Cara del Moro, referring to the silhouette that forms in the rock. Dare to discover more of Alicante!

Almadraba Beach

We have already said that Alicante is a town full of virtues, beaches everywhere and it is, precisely, that natural charm that occupies the number four position on our list. The beach of Almadraba is ideal for sunset lovers, with a view that we are one hundred percent sure will fascinate you, this beach is functional for any time of the year, there are many people who attend it in winter to read a book on its shores, many others prefer to go in summer and stay late to watch the sunset, whatever your choice, you can enjoy, but our job is to emphasize that, from this beach, you can get a wonderful photo of this beautiful natural attraction.

Access is relatively easy even by public transport you can get there without problems. It is a beach of fine golden sand, calm waters and, at certain times of the year you can see many jellyfish, however, it does not represent an impediment to enjoy in this place.

Albufereta Beach

We finish our list with another beach in the city of Alicante, the albufereta beach has all the possible attractions so that, if you decide to go and watch the sunset as a family you can enjoy every second, yes, try to have at hand a good camera that helps you save the moment in an image. This beach is dark sand, calm waters and has excellent services during the high seasons.

Its wide sea allows you to visualize the horizon, perfect so that, when the sun sets, you can choose a quiet place to sit with your family and thus see how beautiful a sunset is in Alicante, a dream come true that falls in love with thousands of people a year, what do you say? Do you dare to know this beautiful paradise? Do you dare to see the sunset in Alicante? Are you a sunset lover? Then do not wait any longer and schedule all these places to visit them immediately.

If you were thinking of spending a summer in Alicante, we can do nothing but encourage you and convince you to do so, it is a place to gain positive experiences to spare, to see sunsets everywhere, to think about the good of life such as friends, nature and family, things that even in the pandemic we must treasure and take care of. Do not forget to go to Alicante, do not forget to see the sunset in one of these places on our list, do not forget to know, to venture, to enjoy.

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