The Costa Blanca, A place to live the Golden Years

Spain is one of the most visited countries by tourists worldwide and we could ask ourselves why? The truth is that there are a variety of places that can easily answer that question, but the province of Alicante is one of those that stands out among the best reasons, not only for a sporadic stay of some tourists, but it has become a retirement place for retired professionals .

In Alicante you will find the Costa Blanca, a coastline of this province that has more than 250 km of beaches with clean and crystalline waters and, without a doubt, it is the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that it is one of the best places in the world to live, and is that even its climate supports it, 20 ° C as average temperature, and having 320 sunny days a year, make This site is the best option to visit and even to reside permanently.

Altea, a true jewel of the Costa Blanca

To speak of the Costa Blanca is to quickly think of Altea, a dream place, practically an earthly paradise that has become a mandatory reference for tourists, in addition to being a peaceful town full of musical culture that further embellishes the stage. It is located on the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula and has 8 km of beaches that extend from Morro de Toix to the north and Serra Gelada Park to the south.

Among the highlights of this area is the architecture, in which the small white houses and the artistic details in the streets of polychrome tiles stand out and there are also many doors decorated in different colors. It is also characterized by the famous central helmet where the traditional and famous Church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, known for its two blue-tiled domes, shines splendidly.

Another reason to visit or permanently reside in this place is the wonderful gastronomy, typical of the Mediterranean towns. Sea food is one of the best in all of Spain and you cannot walk through the streets without entering a restaurant to taste the paellas, empanadas and other dishes that will make anyone fall in love. Surely, the flavor and seasoning of Altea will not be found anywhere else.

For this and more reasons, Altea is a place with a high quality of life, not in vain it is the seventh most expensive city in all of Alicante. This municipality is a place that houses many foreign tourists, they constitute the majority, more than the Spaniards themselves, and if we talk about the cost of rentals, they range from € 650 to € 3,000 per month. Already the cost of the properties to buy them, ranging from € 190,000 onwards.

That is why some prefer to buy or rent Chalets in Altea , or small houses, but others do make their expensive investment thinking about their retirement and thus spend until the end of their days in this earthly paradise. Without a doubt, one of the best places to live. We never tire of repeating it.

La Nucía, the famous balcony of the Mediterranean

La Nucía is another of the beautiful towns in the province of Alicante, which is located 9 km from Benidorm and Altea. It is also a pretty town with white houses just like Altea. It is located in a privileged location since it is between the coast and the mountains of Alicante. It is a place that offers us a whole menu of options when visiting historical sites and that invite you to relax.

In La Nucía we can find the old town and, in turn, in it, you can visit the Plaza Mayor, the Purísima Concepción church, the Portal de Sant Vicent, the Calle Mayor, the Plaza Almàssera, the viewpoint of Porvilla , among other places full of culture and history. A place that must be visited and stopped to contemplate is the famous Plaza de los Músicos, where, among many things, you can go up to the viewpoint to contemplate the garden of La Nucía and the bay of Altea. Not in vain do they call La Nucía, “the balcony of the Mediterranean”.

Part of the culture of this town is sport, that is why in La Nucía there is the Camilo Cano Sports City, which has 400,000 m 2 , a huge space where all kinds of sports are practiced, including Olympic days, championships athletics, preseason sports for famous soccer and basketball teams, and many others. In the vicinity of this place there are 12 paddle tennis courts, a skate park, a climbing wall, several sports courts and several soccer fields.

As for the gastronomic options, there are several restaurants that you can visit such as El Xato, known for its contemporary food and vegetarian options; the Unoom, noted for its Mediterranean food; the Nuevo Alcázar, also serving Mediterranean food but an excellent option in terms of value for money and El Tossal, without a doubt, one of the best options for international food.

As if this were not enough, it is important to know that La Nucía is close to Altea, approximately 8 km away; We already mentioned that Altea is the jewel of the Costa Blanca and one of the most beautiful towns in the area. In the same way, you can visit theme parks such as Aqua Natura, Terra Mítica, Mundomar and Aqualandia. As you can also enjoy the spectacular landscapes of the Serra Gelada Natural Park. An important fact is that La Nucía is 50 km from Alicante capital.

Another aspect to highlight is that La Nucía focuses on agricultural activity and tourism, that is why there are crops of almond, olive, medlar, persimmon and various citrus fruits. In short, it is a town with a variety of elements that make it a good option when visiting on family vacations or deciding to reside permanently. There are quiet urbanizations, although they mostly have single-family chalets, but buying a house in La Nucía can represent an option almost as the same as the one previously mentioned in Altea. 

There are prices ranging from € 155,000 onwards, depending on the area and the type of home. But it has become, like Altea, a highly chosen option by tourists, especially international tourists, such as English, Belgian and other European countries. La Nucía is, for all this and more, a place that you must visit and an excellent option to live, so consider it among your options.

Other towns on the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca has other options that you can consider and visit. They are coastal towns with their diverse characteristics, cultures and history. We can mention some of them. Denia, for example, is a historic city. It is located in a bay surrounded by a large mountainous massif, excellent climate and ferries to Mallorca and Ibiza depart from its port, which take approximately 3.5 hours. It is practically a fishing port that preserves the traditional appearance.

Jávea is another small city and is located north of the Costa Blanca, it is located 113 km from Valencia and 90 km from Alicante. It has a bay surrounded by two capes and has a spectacular view. It is made up of its historic center, the port and the Arenal beach, the latter being the main tourist attraction of the city, made up of fine sand and shallow waters and surrounded by shops and restaurants of excellent quality.

Calpe is a town noted for its Mediterranean architecture, its port and its ancient walls, but without a doubt the most obvious thing that attracts the visit of many tourists, including divers and climbers, is the "Peñon de Ifach", which is a great 332 meter high rock is located in the sea and is connected to the land by an isthmus. Calpe has beaches with fine sand with clear waters with little waves, for this and other reasons it is excellent for family vacations.

Albir is a town that is located in the municipality of Alfaz del Pi and is, in turn, one of the most visited places due to its multiple options for all tastes. It has low buildings, parking spaces, streets with trees and modern hotels with excellent value for money. It has an excellent location since you can see the Peñón de Ifach and the mountains of the Serra Helada Natural Park and an excellent climate that favors several international events such as the Albir Film Festival, the October Jazz Festival and many others.

The Costa Blanca is one of the best places in the world to visit and so you can enjoy its spectacular beaches, climate and excellent value for money. Without any doubt, we assure you that you will not regret it, so plan soon and experience this true earthly paradise up close. 

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