Where to eat in Benidorm

Benidorm is a wonderful place, it is a coastal seaside resort located on the east coast of Spain, specifically on the Costa Blanca of the Valencia region. It has beautiful beaches and a famous nightlife, it is undoubtedly one of the most sought after places by tourists.

On this occasion we will show you the best places to eat in Benidorm so that you can make the most of your holidays, taste the tastiest dishes and delight your palate with unique flavors that this place offers you, so take note and get ready so that your stay there is one of the best of your life.

Restaurant D.Vora

This is a place you can not miss, the investment per person is estimated between € 16 to € 22 for a good breakfast or lunch. It is located in Playa de Sant Jaume, 5, 03501 of Benidorm and from its headquarters you can enjoy a spectacular view of the sea. It has an extensive breakfast list and a varied menu that has a Mediterranean base, but you can also select the drink you like, as well as a delicious dessert from the menu or the chef's suggestion.

Among the dishes that we can suggest is that of eggs at low temperature, without a doubt, a rewarding gastronomic experience. You can view the menu and book from its d-vora.compage, as well as place orders on glovoapp.com. In this restaurant you have the options to eat on site, order to take away or delivery. If you have any questions, you can also contact the number +34 965 27 08 74.

Sirvent Ice Cream

This ice cream shop is located on Avenida Alcoi, local 13, in the middle of Levante beach. All the ice cream flavors you can imagine are found here, it is very famous and ideal to sweeten your palate and what better way to do it than to try these sweet ice creams from the Costa Blanca.

This is a mandatory stop for tourists, artisanal ice cream, cocktails, iced cakes, slushies, desserts and others that, without a doubt, will make every time you come to this wonderful beach do not forget to try some product of Sirvent Ice Cream. You can go to their website heladossirvent.com where you will access the information of all their facilities and location, among other aspects, as well as follow them on their social networks on Facebook such as HeladosSirvent or on Instagram as a @heladossirvent.

Restaurant Ulia

With an investment estimate of € 20 to € 25 per person, the Ulia Restaurant becomes the best option if you want to eat the best rice on the Levantine beach. It is located specifically on Av. Vicente Llorca Alós, 15, 03502 and has the option to eat on site and order to take away, but they do not have home delivery.

It is characterized by being a family restaurant, offering fresh products of high quality and market cuisine, its meat and fish dishes are a delight to the palate. It has a great variety of wines, but we emphasize again, its specialty is rice, so paellas and similar dishes that are accompanied by seafood, will be a pleasure that you can not stop enjoying if you come to Benidorm, and so you end up convincing yourself that the gastronomy of Alicante is one of the best on the Costa Blanca and competes among the best in the world.

You can access their website restauranteulia.com or call +34 965 85 68 28 for any additional information. You will not regret tasting the delicious dishes of this famous restaurant in Benidorm.

The Honourable Member

It is also estimated an investment of € 20 to € 25 per person, is specifically located on the Playa de la Senyoria, 8, 03501 and have the options to eat on site and order to take away, but not home delivery. They do not have a website, you can only call the number +34 965 85 80 86 or follow them on Facebook as a reference for more information about the menu of the day and suggestions from the chef.

This is a Mediterranean food restaurant exclusively and its specialty is the seafood cauldron. Undoubtedly, the options you have in Benidorm are very varied in terms of gastronomy, but we have not reached the end, so keep reading other options we have for you.


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